Fixed networks / Transmission technology

Project planning

Together with our experts, we plan a variety of rollout projects for our customers. We realise reallocations of existing telecommunication lines, establish new end customer or mobile radio transmitter connections and plan comprehensive broadband expansions (FTTB, FTTH, FTTC). Our regional know-how helps us to better implement the wishes of our customers and deliver high quality and reliability.

An overview of our services

  • Routing (investigating and inspecting the route, recording and documenting the surface, examining crossings, surveying and coordinating with the owners)
  • Securing the route, securing the site
  • Implementing official approval procedures
  • Preparing planning documents and building descriptions
  • Network planning (fibre-optic and tube planning, copper planning), drawing up switch lists
  • Quantity determination for tenders and material orders

Project management

Project-based processes and work are becoming increasingly common as a result of the continuous optimisation drives at telecom network operators. The importance of solving complex, temporary tasks in the form of projects is therefore on the rise.

The management of projects is often understood as an additional task that should be fulfilled by one’s regular employees alongside their actual roles. However, the high organisational and technical complexity of the projects at telecom network operators make it increasingly difficult to recruit the right number and quality of suitable project management resources from within a company’s own pool of employees.

ms-CNS project managers can quickly integrate themselves into projects thanks to their many years of experience in the telecom industry, relieving the burden on our customers’ employees. Whether taking over temporary project management duties or consulting on long-term projects (roll-outs, system migrations, etc.), we offer our customers competent support.

An overview of our services

  • Project management by certified project managers
  • Project management support
  • Project administration

Construction and assembly services

ms-CNS acts as general contractor for our customers when constructing fixed network infrastructures. The technician and assembly services are carried out by our own staff and we provide civil engineering services in close cooperation with our selected civil engineering companies. This approach enables us to react quickly and flexibly to the wishes of our customers. We take over all coordination activities, thereby offering our customers a turnkey implementation of their network projects.

An overview of our services

  • Construction of new cable and pipe routes (open excavation, drilling, ploughing and other alternative laying methods)
  • Erecting cabinets for switching points (ARU, MFG, NVt, etc.), including the connection to the power grid
  • Cable and pipe laying (installation of mini tubes and fibre optic cables)
  • In-house wiring
  • Assembly of fibre optic and copper cables
  • Splicing and changeover work
  • Cable rerouting work
  • Building aerial lines (mast points, installation and replacement of overhead cables)
  • Coordinating with third parties (building outfitters, end customers, road operators [CNS is certified according to German MVAS-Standard])…
  • Troubleshooting of broken telecommunication lines
  • Acceptance testing, troubleshooting and analysis of fibre optic lines
  • Construction supervision of external projects (including construction coordination)
  • Documentation and change of data in customer databases (materials, asset accounting, project management)
  • Materials management