Individual solutions

Special radio systems (supplying buildings and tunnels)

Being able to make calls from anywhere at any time is what mobile customers expect; yet for technical reasons, this is not always possible. Some buildings, the Underground, underground garages, stadiums and tunnels often have no or inadequate coverage. With our service package for a turnkey implementation of special wireless systems, we ensure interference-free reception.

An overview of our services

  • Performing site surveys
  • Creating feasibility studies
  • Radio planning
  • Consulting architects
  • Contract execution (with mobile network providers)
  • Delivering system hardware and infrastructure components
  • Erecting, installing and commissioning infrastructure (wiring, system rooms, electrical systems, voltage transformers/rectifiers, lightning protection, climate control, UPS, etc.)
  • Deploying, installing and commissioning system hardware
  • Deploying, installing and commissioning point-to-point radio systems
  • Deploying, installing and commissioning fibre optic lines
  • Creating measurement and testing protocols
  • Creating documentation

Coverage at events

Mobile phone coverage for major events confronts operators with a number of challenges. Visitors at such events push the mobile networks’ transmission capacity to the limits by sending pictures and videos. ms-CNS offers its own cost-effective and rapidly available solutions to meet such requirements.

An overview of our services

  • We have our own wireless transmitting stations on trailers (also called hot standby)
  • Installation, maintenance (including online system updates) and operation of wireless transmission base stations
  • Complex solutions for building and operating wireless transmission base stations for multiple mobile operators “mobile sharing solution”