Mobile radio / Directional radio

Project management

Project-based processes and work are increasingly common due to the continuous optimisation drives at telecom network operators. The importance of solving complex, temporary tasks in the form of projects is therefore on the rise.

The management of projects is often understood as an additional task that can be fulfilled by one’s regular employees alongside their actual roles. However, the high organisational and technical complexity of the projects at telecom network operators make it increasingly difficult to recruit the right number and quality of suitable project management resources from within a company’s own pool of employees.

ms-CNS project managers can quickly integrate themselves into projects thanks to their many years of experience in the telecom industry, relieving the burden on our customers’ employees. Whether taking over temporary project management duties or consulting on long-term projects (roll-outs, system migrations, etc.), we offer our customers competent support.

An overview of our services

  • Project management by certified project managers
  • Project management support
  • Project administration


Our in-house planning experts work with well-chosen competent regional partner companies from diverse fields to enable us to plan and implement flexible, customised and complex solutions for our customers.

From new construction, reconstruction and equipment-swaps to the dismantling and disposal of telecommunications systems and components, our technicians are ready to effectively assist our customers with both consulting and execution. Thanks to our local presence within our areas of activity, we can quickly, efficiently and competently evaluate the local conditions and work through public approval processes.

An overview of our services

  • Planning support for wireless networks
  • Planning support for transmission systems
  • Obtaining as-built plans, construction plans and structural analyses
  • Performing technical site inspections
  • Creating construction permit plans for inspection and approval by the customer
  • Creating building plan documents for approval processes as well as the necessary expert analyses and photo montages (e.g. accompanying landscape management plan)
  • Creating the implementation plans incl. structural engineering calculation (detailed planning, steel construction, parts lists)
  • Obtaining plan approvals from owners and integration of customer and owner requirements
  • Designing electrical distribution systems
  • Creating electrical diagrams, thermal load calculations, attenuation calculations


Our acquisition specialists have years of experience, outstanding expertise in contract law and public regulations as well as superlative negotiation, communication and interpersonal skills, local knowledge and good networks in the real estate industry.

Our know-how covers all aspects of acquiring mobile communication sites. In the acquisition phase, each acquisition specialist is independently responsible for site selection, site report, organisation of the building site inspections, concluding contracts, sharing agreements and obtaining all public approvals for his sites, acting as the sole point of contact for the customer until the site acquisition is successfully completed.

An overview of our services

  • Identifying suitable site options according to radio and economic considerations
  • Documenting all site data in site reports
  • Clarifying ownership, rental and lease agreements, right-of-way and other relevant conditions
  • Preliminary inspection of the fundamental approval potential of a site
  • Clarifying the access options and transmission connections
  • Obtaining a current site plan (land register map)
  • Organising and participating in preliminary inspections and building site inspections
  • Negotiating all sharing agreements (with other network operators)
  • Collecting and documenting owner requirements (structural, contractual, regulatory)
  • Clarifying of special equipment requirements and in sensitive areas as neighbourhoods, such as kindergartens, etc.
  • Negotiating and processing site rental agreements
  • For modification/modernisation projects: Inspecting existing contracts
  • Renegotiating rental and access agreements, etc.
  • Obtaining required power of attorneys especially of owners
  • Identifying all required signatories for the validity of the agreements Obtaining all required signatures from owners, sharing partners, etc.
  • In the case of joint ownership obtaining the resolutions by the associations
  • Organising and distributing various access keys and cards
  • If necessary, obtaining the construction approval from the owner
  • Documenting all procedures and correspondence in connection with the site acquisition
  • Updating the site and site owner data in the relevant customer databases
  • Creating status reports according to customer requirements

Government relations

Our acquisition specialists have extensive expertise in the area of province-specific construction regulations, nature protection laws, community ordinances and federal laws and regulations, such as the Aviation Act, Forestry Act, Monument Conservation Act, Railways Act, Cableways Act, Water Rights Act and Mining Act. This makes us a strong partner to our customers for obtaining all public authority approvals.

An overview of our services

  • Initiating and continuously supervising the construction permitting procedures, incl. any appeal procedures, until the issuing of all permits by the public authorities
  • Overseeing the construction permit granting process
  • Interfacing with all involved authorities and cooperating closely with authorities and other relevant stakeholders
  • In the case of an unfavourable decision: Obtaining appeals, devolution applications, representations, etc.
  • Creating (technical) information sheets (e.g. in accordance with the Association of Municipalities agreement)
  • Creating spectral flux density (calculations of immissions)
  • Participating in various authority hearings, such as for construction permitting procedures, nature protection, aviation, forestry, monuments office, land use planning, cableways, etc.
  • Obtaining extensions for expiring approvals or reapplying for permits with limited duration
  • Participating in informational events, meetings on environmental effects of electromagnetic radiation, local council meetings and residents’ meetings
  • Documenting all relevant documents, applications, permits, correspondence, etc.
  • Updating the approvals from public authorities in the relevant customer databases

Construction services

The construction of a mobile communication site or fixed infrastructure requires the efficient coordination of companies in various fields (such as above/below-ground construction, drywall installation, electrical and communication technology). The employees of ms-CNS have years of experience and familiarity with the regional providers for optimal coordination and execution of this work.

An overview of our services

  • Performing site surveys
  • Steel construction (erecting towers, antenna mounts, substructures for outdoor containers)
  • Roofing work (roof openings, closures)
  • Installing safety systems (e.g. Söll rail systems, anchors, etc.)
  • Measures for structural building reinforcement
  • Installing foundations (for towers)
  • Adapting equipment rooms (drywalling)
  • Antenna installation
  • Feeder cable installation
  • Road construction (creating permanent or temporary access routes)
  • Excavation work for electrical or fibre-optic lines
  • Installing residual energy lines (power connection of equipment, rectifiers)
  • Installing cable ducts
  • Grounding and lightning protection measures (including necessary documentation)
  • Installing key safes
  • Erecting fences
  • Creating documentation
  • Executing special projects

Installation and commissioning

The installation team of ms-CNS has extensive competences in installing and commissioning diverse technologies. We also ensure that our customers’ equipment goes into operation on time, beginning with the first site visit and continuing through the delivery, installation and all necessary tests.

An overview of our services

  • Performing site surveys
  • Delivering system hardware and infrastructure components
  • Deploying, installing and commissioning infrastructure (electrical systems, voltage transformers/rectifiers, lightning protection, air-condition, UPS, etc.)
  • Deploying, installing and commissioning system hardware (access and core)
  • Deploying, installing and commissioning point-to-point radio systems
  • Deploying, installing and commissioning fibre-optic lines
  • Performing feasibility checks (e.g. line of sight checks, etc.)
  • Creating documentation

Optimisation and modernisation

Modern telecommunication networks require an increasing number of sites, as well as constant modernisation and optimisation in order to meet the medium and long-term demand for telecommunication services.

Measures such as network consolidation and expansion, technology replacement and upgrading as well as the introduction of new technologies serve to regularly adapt and improve the networks according to the requirements of the network operators’ customers.

An overview of our services

  • Consulting on optimisation solutions
  • Dismantling, replacing and expanding system components and infrastructure (air-condition, antennas, fans, radio room optimisation, etc.)
  • Developing proposals to reduce energy consumption as well as testing these solutions
  • Installing smart meters